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Policy Statement

Caregivers are responsible for their children’s behavior while the children are in the library. All library patrons—no matter their age—are asked to follow the Library Standards of Conduct. For the safety of children, caregivers are encouraged not to leave children of insufficient age and maturity unattended in the library. In following with the Library Standards of Conduct, disruptive children nine or over may be asked to leave for the day.


Caregiver means person caring for the child or children they bring to the library. This could be parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannies, neighbors, friends, older siblings, etc.

Disruptive Behavior means behavior that is not in accordance with the Library Standards of Conduct, including behavior that may be dangerous to the person doing the behavior or others.

Unattended means not attended by another person who is age nine or over.

Child Left Unattended

  1. If it is determined that a child is lost or left unattended, a staff member should try to identify and locate the caregiver.
  2. When the caregiver is located, explain the library policy on unattended children.
  3. If the caregiver is not found in the building, a staff member should stay with the child for a reasonable amount of time (15 minutes) until the caregiver can be located.
  4. If the caregiver is not located within a reasonable amount of time (15 minutes), or if the library is closing, the staff member should call the police and release the child to the officer’s custody upon their arrival.
  5. Under no circumstances shall a staff member take the child out of the building.

Disruptive Behavior

  1. Children who are being disruptive or unsafe will be asked to correct the behavior.
  2. If the behavior continues, a staff member should inform the caregiver that the child is being disruptive or unsafe.
  3. If a caregiver cannot be found and the child is unattended, staff will follow steps outlined in the above Child Left Unattended procedures.
  4. If the caregiver refuses or is unable to control the child, the caregiver and child/children will be asked to leave for the day.
  5. If the disruptive behavior continues and the child is old enough to be left unattended, then staff will follow the Library Standards of Conduct procedures.

Board of Directors
Provo City Library
Approved March 18, 2010

Revised & Approved January 9, 2019
Revised & Approved January 10, 2024