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As a way to achieve Provo City Library’s mission, the Library participates in various social media technologies including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.  As an extension of services and resources, social media sites provide additional communication methods for the convenience of our patrons and staff in order to facilitate the sharing of ideas, opinions, and information about library-related subjects and issues. Library social media is intended to create an online space where Provo City Library users will find useful and entertaining information and can interact with Library staff and other Library users. Provo City Library reserves the right to remove comments.

Provo City Library does not collect, maintain, or otherwise use the personal information stored on any third party social media site in any way other than to communicate with users on that site, unless granted permission by users for contact outside the site. The purpose for contact outside the site may include program promotion, volunteer opportunities, reference help, or other similar activities. Users should be aware that third party websites have their own privacy policies and should proceed accordingly.

Posted content by users on social media sites can be seen by web users everywhere making all comments publicly accessible. Protect your privacy. Do not post personally identifiable information. Young people under the age of 18 should be especially cautious.

Comments posted to Library sponsored social media sites are monitored by Library staff. Posts containing the following are against Provo City Library policy and may be deleted or removed by Library staff:

  1. Copyright violations
  2. Plagiarized material
  3. Off topic comments when a clear topic is designated
  4. Commercial or personal promotion
  5. Spam
  6. Duplicated posts from the same individual
  7. Obscene posts
  8. Specific and imminent threats
  9. Libelous comments
  10. Organized political activity
  11. Illegal items

In addition, the Provo City Library reserves the right to edit or modify any postings or comments for space or content, while retaining the intent of the original post. The Library shall also be granted the right to reproduce comments, posts, and messages in other public venues such as in a newspaper or on the Library website. Identifying information, other than first name, will be removed unless prior approval is granted by the user.

Provo City Library assumes no responsibility or liability for any event or interaction that takes place by any participant in any Library sponsored social networking service, and does not endorse content outside those sites maintained by the Provo City Library.

By choosing to post comments or any content you agree to comply with this policy.

Board of Directors 
Provo City Library
Approved April 11, 2012