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ILL Online Form

Interlibrary loan, or ILL, is the borrowing and lending of materials between independent libraries. The purpose of interlibrary loan is to obtain materials to meet patron’s needs when local resources are inadequate. This cooperative process works two ways. Provo City Library (PCL) is able to borrow materials for its patrons from other libraries. In turn, other libraries borrow PCL materials to meet the needs of their patrons. By lending materials to other libraries, Provo City Library is able to borrow materials from a larger number of libraries participating in OCLC, the worldwide database used for interlibrary loan. The loans made to other libraries also reduce the cost of using the OCLC database to do searches and make requests for PCL patrons. 

Borrowing Materials for Provo City Library Patrons

Anyone with a valid Provo City Library card may request material using interlibrary loan. Fines and overdues must be cleared before an interlibrary loan request will be processed.

It is possible to request these types of materials on interlibrary loan:

  • Audio-visual materials
  • Books and magazines acquired more than six months ago
  • Microforms
  • Photocopies of specific articles in newspapers or other periodicals

These materials are not available for borrowing from other libraries:

  • Items which are owned by Provo City Library, even if those materials are checked out or available as reference only
  • Reference and other non-circulating material
  • Computer software

Interlibrary loan requests may be made by submitting a completed request form. These forms are available at the Reference Desk. The librarians can assist in completing the form, including finding the required request information. Requests may also be made over the phone.

In some cases, the Library may choose to purchase the material requested, rather than borrow it. If such a decision is made, a hold for the requesting patron will be placed on the item at the time it is ordered.

There is no charge for most interlibrary loans. Requests by PCL to borrow materials are usually sent to other libraries that do not charge for interlibrary loans. However, some materials are only available if fees are paid. In such cases, the requesting patron will be consulted before the material is borrowed. All special charges will be passed on to the patron, including lending fees, copyright charges, special postage and handling, and any other costs incurred in obtaining the material.

Once borrowed materials are received, the requesting patron will be notified. Materials may then be picked up at the 1st Floor Reference Desk. A paper sleeve wrapped around the item will show the due date and any other conditions set by the lending library. Provo City Library will abide by all conditions set by the lending library for the use of its materials.

Some borrowed materials may be limited to “Library Use Only.” These materials will be held at the Reference Desk during the loan period. The patron may use these materials inside the library only. 

The lending library sets the loan period for its items, as well as stipulating whether or not renewals are allowed. If renewals are not specifically restricted for a borrowed item, the patron may request one renewal in person or over the phone. Renewal requests must be made to PCL interlibrary loan staff at least three days before the material’s due date. The patron will be notified when the lending library responds to allow the renewal or not.

Patrons will be charged a fine for each day an interlibrary loan item is overdue. There is no grace period. Patrons will also be liable for any lost or damaged interlibrary loan items borrowed for them. The replacement cost will be set by the lending library.

Lending Materials to Libraries Outside Provo

Provo City Library will accept interlibrary loan requests from other libraries in the following ways:

  • electronically via OCLC,
  • by mail or fax using the standard ALA form,
  • by phone with fax confirmation (using the ALA form)

All requests for the loan of PCL materials must be placed by the borrowing library. No requests from individuals will be honored, except for requests for copies from the Daily Herald. Individuals interested in borrowing PCL materials should contact their local library to submit their requests.

Requests for articles to be copied from the Daily Herald microfilms will be accepted from individuals as well as from other libraries, as long as the requests are in writing. Libraries should use the above-listed methods. Individuals may send requests via mail, fax, or e-mail. The following information is required: specific date to be searched, title of article or person’s name if request is for an obituary, requestor’s name, mailing address (for sending copy). Library staff will search one week before and one week after the date specified if the article/obituary is not found on the date supplied.

In addition to copies from the Daily Herald, the following materials are available for interlibrary loan:

  • books acquired more than 6 months ago
  • circulating magazines
  • photocopies of articles in magazines or on microforms
  • audio-visual materials

These materials are not available:

  • books acquired less than 6 months ago
  • reference books or periodicals
  • Special Collections materials
  • microforms themselves, including Daily Herald microfilms
  • computer software

The check-out period for interlibrary loan is one month. One renewal will be allowed, unless the loan material has been requested by a PCL patron or another library. Any renewal requests must be made by the borrowing library. No such requests from individuals will be accepted.

Materials loaned to other libraries will be delivered by U.S. Mail.

Provo City Library does not charge for its interlibrary loans. At present, this no-charge policy applies to copies made from print periodicals and/or microforms, as well as to books. Borrowing libraries will be responsible for lost or damaged materials. Charges will include the item’s replacement cost plus a processing fee. 


Board of Directors
Provo City Library
Approved June 14, 2000
Revised & Approved February 8, 2012