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The primary purpose of the Provo City Library Art Gallery is to enrich the Library experience of the Provo City Library patrons.

The Library Art Gallery Committee, under the direction of the Provo City Library Board, is responsible for the selection of Library Gallery Exhibitions. The Library Board endorses appropriate gallery exhibits with the goal of creating a historical, cultural, and educational environment within the Provo City Library. Special consideration will be given to works of art produced by local artists.

The Provo City Library Art Gallery is located on the second floor of the Academy Building.

Composition of the Library Art Gallery Committee

  1. One member of the Library Board as appointed by the Board Chair to also act as the Committee Chair. (One year appointment)
  2. Library Director
  3. Executive Director of the Provo Arts Council
  4. Library Gallery Manager
  5. One art professional, appointed by the Board Chair. (Three year appointment)


Artists and art organizations are encouraged to apply to exhibit in the Library Gallery. Owners of artwork with local community interest, or historical significance are also encouraged to apply. Proposals will be considered by the Library Art Gallery Committee. All proposals must follow the procedures established by the Library.

Exhibition Selection

Local artists and art organizations, from amateur to professional, are invited to exhibit. The gallery will focus primarily on two-dimensional works.

In selecting exhibits, the Library Art Gallery Committee will take into consideration:

Quality of artwork
Overall community interest
Historical prominence or significance of artist or arts organization
Relevance to Library programs
Dates of previous Library Gallery exhibits by the same artist, lender, or organization
Dates of previous Library Gallery exhibitions of similar items or topics
Special needs, costs, or requests associated with proposed exhibits
The Provo City Library Art Gallery will abide by the community standards of Provo City. The Library commits to be thoughtful and sensitive in choosing works of art to be displayed in the Provo City Library Art Gallery.

Cancellation of Exhibits 

The Library Art Gallery Committee reserves the right to cancel any exhibit should unforeseen conditions or situations arise.

Exhibition Presentation, Installation, and Dismantling

Two-dimensional artwork must be suitably framed and ready for hanging. Unframed artwork will not be exhibited without specific permission of the Gallery Manager. The artist/lender of three dimensional works of art must provide pedestals, display cases, or platforms as needed, which must be approved prior to installation by the Gallery Manager.

Typical exhibits will run six to eight weeks. The Gallery Manager shall supervise the set-up and removal of all exhibits. All works of art must remain on display until the closing of the exhibition. Any costs associated with special installation or display needs (such as special lighting) must be pre-approved by the Gallery Manager and borne by the artist/lender.

Artist/lenders must remove artwork from the Library no later than two days after the end of the exhibit unless the artist/lender has made written arrangements with the Gallery Manger prior to the exhibit. If prior written arrangements are not made, the Library will charge the artist/lender a storage fee of $50.00 per day after the second day.


All sales are the responsibility of the artist/lender. Artists/lenders should provide the Gallery Manager with an information sheet which includes contact information no larger than 8 1/2 X 11". The Gallery Manager will keep this information on file or display as the Manager deems appropriate.

No pricing will be displayed in the gallery and all pricing and sale status inquiries will be referred to the artist or the artist's agent. All works of art must remain on display at the Gallery, even if sold, until the exhibit closes.


Library cannot be responsible for reimbursement or replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged items and does not insure exhibits. The Library encourages the artist/lender to obtain a rider on his or her insurance policy for the duration of the exhibit. The Artists/lenders will be required to complete and sign a waiver/release of Library liability before any works of art are exhibited.

Board of Directors
Provo City Library
Approved May 9, 2001
Revised & Approved June 13, 2001