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Brigham Young Academy in Provo, Utah was recognized for its key role in the education of thousands of children, young adults, and adults. The Provo City Library (Library) at Academy Square celebrates that contribution by its very name. The Academy was dedicated in 1892 and was in continual use until 1975. The architectural elements of the building represent the eclectic nature of many of Utah’s buildings during this time period. The Academy architecture is called “Victorian eclectic” because it represents a mixture of several late 19th century architectural styles. The new wing of the Library maintains many of the lines and shapes of the original Academy but does so with a contemporary flair.

The permanent art collection at the Library imparts a unique cultural heritage. Citizens of Provo as well as artists, collectors, and benefactors have contributed to the spirit of Provo’s art movement and of the Library. The art collection of the Library documents the visual fine arts that represent the Provo City Library, the Brigham Young Academy and the history of Provo, from past to present. In addition, the collection may also preserve non-Utah art which has relevance to the Provo City history and culture.

The mission statement (1994) of the Provo City Library emphasizes the core belief in the value of information and enrichment. Quality works of art depict and reflect many aspects of the human condition thus providing another medium in which to realize core beliefs. As the Provo City Library mission statement expresses,

“Our mission is to inform, enrich, and empower every person in our community through effective and timely access to a vast array of ideas and information. We exist in order to provide the best in public library service through understanding the needs of our patrons, giving knowledgeable and caring service, and facilitating access to information sources throughout the world. We promote an informed citizenry, lifelong learning, and the love of reading. We provide timely access to high demand, high interest educational and entertainment materials in a variety of formats for all ages. We place a special emphasis on children’s educational and entertainment materials and services and on filling patron needs through reference skills, materials and computer technologies.”  12/20/1994

The guidelines set forth by the Library Board and facilitated by the Library Art Donation and Placement Committee (Committee) endorse appropriate donations and placement of artwork with the goal of creating a historical, cultural and educational environment.

Composition of the Library Art Donation and Placement Committee (Ad Hoc)

  1. One member of the Library Board as appointed by the Board Chair to also act as the Committee Chair. (One year appointment)
  2. Library Director
  3. Executive Director of the Provo Arts Council
  4. Library Gallery Manager
  5. One art professional, appointed by the Board Chair. (Three year appointment)

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of these guidelines is to establish a criterion for assessing the appropriateness of the proposed donation and placement of works of art in the Library. These guidelines will help to establish a consistency in proposal evaluations. Further, these guidelines will establish a policy for the placement of works of art in specific areas of the Library. This may also include establishing areas of the building for placement of specific genre types.


Proposals for the donations and placement of works of art will be evaluated according to the criteria as outlined in these guidelines. Location in the Library, duration of placement and evaluation criteria will be determined according to a proposal's category. Proposals may fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Works of Art for permanent placement in the Library (Donations)
  2. Works of Art for long term loan in the Library (Loan)
  3. Works of Art for temporary loan (up to 2 years)

Proposal Application for Permanent Works of Art (Donations)

  1. Application forms for the donation and placement of permanent works of art and loans may be requested from the Library Administrative Offices, 550 N. University Ave, Provo, Utah 84601.
  2. A request for application from the Library does not commit the Library to pay any costs incurred in preparation for the application, nor constitutes final approval of the application.
  3. Applications must be submitted on Library Application Forms and should include:
        1. A statement justifying the appropriateness of the works of art to the Library and providing relevant documentation.
        2. A written description of the physical works of art including size (height by width, weight as appropriate) and imagery, construction materials, base or pedestal materials, framing style, color, and lettering style and inscription.
        3. The name and qualifications of the artist/designer.
        4. Projected costs (such as installation and lighting) and revenue sources (such as grants) which the applicant pays.
        5. Proposed lighting plan
  4. If the proposed works of art meets all criteria and is deemed suitable for the Library, the Committee will forward its recommendation for approval to the Library Board of Trustees for final approval.
  5. Following the decision of the Library Board, the Library Director will notify the applicants by letter. Upon receipt of a letter granting final approval of the works of art, the applicant may then make arrangements to officially donate the piece to the library and arrange for installation.
  6. Once an item is donated, the piece of art becomes the property of the Library and may be disposed of by the Library as is deemed appropriate.

Guidelines for evaluation of applications will be based on the following:

Quality and Presentation

  1. Within these guidelines, the quality of works of art refers to the overall accomplishment in the art form and content, and the quality of craftsmanship. Pieces with their own merit may not be acceptable if they are in contrast with the general aesthetic atmosphere of the building as a whole. All art placed in the Library must meet a high level of aesthetic quality.
  2. Works of art must be constructed in a manner that insures longevity of the artwork. The making of the art should include the use of correct technical processes and materials which have a relative permanence.
  3. Works of art must be presented in a professional manner. Two-dimensional work must be suitably framed and wired and ready for hanging. Freestanding statuary must rest on a durable and appropriate base material that is proportionate in size. Pedestal sculpture must sit on a carefully constructed pedestal which is of a durable and appropriate material and of proportionate size.
  4. The Provo City Library will abide by the community standards of Provo City. The Library commits to be thoughtful and sensitive in choosing works of art to be displayed in the Provo City Library.


  1. The installation and placement of works of art will be determined by the Committee.
  2. Placement of works of art at a site must consider the materials, colors, and textures of the existing building site. Art will not be placed in locations which result in visually poor and conflicting relationships between the object and the site.
  3. Placement of works of art must support clarity of the original architectural plan, particularly as it relates to the harmonious whole, within the distinct and separate interior designs and according to the master plan of the Library.
  4. Works of art will be placed so as not to obstruct clear lines of vision or upset the relative proportion of visual elements within the building.
  5. There will be no changes made to the structure of the building to accommodate art.
  6. A work of art may not be placed in an area of the building that is structurally unable to bear the object's load.
  7. Works of art placed in the Library will have an appropriate theme and will be located in the building according to theme. Pieces with like themes will be located together. Works of art displayed in the historical Academy building will be sensitive to that historical context. The new addition of the Library will be appropriate for more modernistic approaches.
  8. Works of art will not be placed in direct contact with or close proximity to such items as ventilation ducts, lighting systems, fire safety apparatus, etc.
  9. Placement of works of art at a site must consider art conservation concerns. Exposure to direct sunlight and direct contact with venting from air conditioning and heating systems will greatly deteriorate some works of art.
  10. The internal traffic flow of the building must be considered. Art will not be placed in areas which obstruct ease of mobility of large groups through interior building thoroughfares.
  11. Placement of works of art must take into account emergency situations. Art will not be placed in locations which inhibit efficient access to emergency exit routes.

Duration of an Art Object at Initial Location

The placement of works of art in the Library will be carefully considered when initially proposed. The location of art will be periodically reviewed. As the Library evolves, art may be relocated and/or removed. In the event of either relocation or removal, the Gallery Manager will coordinate the activity.

Security of Donations

The library will take reasonable precautions to secure works of art. Budgetary constraints may impact the relative level of security.

Insurance Responsibility

Since a donation of art becomes the property of the Library, appropriate insurance coverage is the responsibility of the Library.

Removing Exhibits

The Library Gallery Manager will be responsible for dismantling and removing the artwork from its exhibit space.

Evaluation Criteria for Proposals for Long Term and Temporary Art Displays in the Library

Long term and temporary displays are defined as displays which are exhibited for an extended period of time, but which are not permanent.

Proposal Application

Long term and temporary display proposals follow the same application process and utilize the same selection criteria as does the permanent collection. Temporary lighting solutions will be reviewed by the Committee and may be a factor in the acceptance process.

Duration of Display for Long Term Loan

Agreements for a long-term loan will be for a unspecified period of time.

Duration of Display for Short Term Loan

Agreements for a short-term loan will be for a specific negotiated period of time, not to exceed two years.

Security of Donations

The library will take reasonable precautions to secure works of art. Budgetary constraints may impact the relative level of security.

Responsibility of Maintenance

The owner will assume the responsibility of maintenance, which includes all associated maintenance costs, for the work of art throughout the duration of the loan.

Insurance Responsibility

During the period of time that a work of art is displayed by the Library, the owner of the work of art must provide one of the following documents:

  1. An insurance rider covering the specific work of art for the entire negotiated display time, or
  2. A signed waiver holding the Library harmless in the event of vandalism, damage, or theft.

Board of Directors
Provo City Library
Approved June 14, 2000